Transportation by car / train


If you are traveling by car, the fursuit should be stored in a special container or bag while moving. Make sure that your suit is not stored under direct sunlight, better to store it in a closed trunk. In the warm season, don't leave the fursuit in the car for a long time! It may cause permanent damaging due to excessive overheating.


Transportation by airplane


For transportation on an airplane over long distances, you can transport a fursuit in a suitcase, after wrapping it with foil and folding it in a bag, cushioning it with special foam.


Regardless of the transportation method, make sure that your suit always remains in a dry container or bag: the storage place should not be wet, dirty, dusty or hot.
We advice you not to carry fursuits in tight backpacks or small bags.
For complete fursuit's safety, you can also additionally pack it in a bag or stretch film to avoid damaging.