Terms of service


We work with the customers under the age of 18 only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.


We can make amendments to the already approved project plan, however, some global amendments, such as complete change of the fur color, will cost from 50% to 120% of the project cost, and the production time will be extended indefinitely.


Before you begin, prepare a reference, concept art, and detailed description of your character. You can contact our artists.


Customer support

We will be happy to answer any of your questions about our costumes.

Please note that we have the right not to give an advice on making a suit that is outside of our mutual work process.


We also have tutorials where you can read all the important information regarding fursuits ^^

We provide any type of free assistance when creating a character and it's concept, up to drawing a personal reference.


Work in the process

All of our fursuit are handmade.


Fursuit makers work in different styles, you can find info here.


You can check the photos of our work in the gallery. 


Remember that it is very difficult to find rare colors of furs. We will advise you on this matter and select the most optimal solution, so you shouldn't worry about it at all.


While working on your suit, we can not tell you about our manufacturing methods, but you can be sure that we will inform you about each stage of work on request.


Please be aware of the fact that there may be minor inaccuracies in the fursuit, since they are completely handmade.



We try to make suits no longer than eight months after your turn has come, however, unseen circumstances may occure. (We will notify you about this immediately).


However, if you ordered a complex mega-children's costume, the waiting time may increase (for example, a fully scaly dragon with a unique pattern on each scale and detail).


Please remember that we do all of our work by hand, so the waiting time may take longer. If you need the costume urgently and quickly, we can ask for an additional payment. This is discussed individually.



We charge only in USD, EUR (Paypal automatically converts all currency).


We accept payment only on PayPal or by transfer to a bank card (International).


The payment must be full (for example, if your suit costs 900$, we must receive 900$). All third-party transactions costs are paid by the customer.


Please note that you don’t have to immediately pay us the full cost of the costume.


We have a convenient installment plan, so you can split your payment.


Usually we ask 30-50% before starting work, the rest you can pay in the process of the work or at the end.


The cost of a suit is calculated individually, depending on your reference. Basic prices for a suit can be found here. 


Please note that we do not start working on a suit without prepayment.


Refund policy

We do not refund the first installment (30%) and money spent on materials after you have made a payment. We ask you to carefully read all the descriptions of our products and ask us all your questions about manufacturing. There may be very minor differences in the final product's colors due to some monitor's color distortion. Fursuit is a completely handmade thing, so there may be a small amount of deviations from the general standards.


You can cancel the order at some stages of work. In this case, your work will be completed and sold at an auction. Then we will refund the money you paid, excluding the first installment (30%) and the price of materials.


We only refund after the costume is sold.


Be careful, cancelling is not available on every stage of work.


We do not make a refund after the work is completely done.


Refunds are also not possible once the suit has been sent.



We are not responsible for incorrect measurements. Please be careful with them. We made a tutorial, where you can learn how to take measurements correctly.


If your order requires a DTD , but you cannot make it, then we can do it ourselves for an additional payment. We will need your general and some additional measurements. We will contact you for clarification^ - ^



All postage is paid by the customer / buyer prior to shipment.


We send finished works by EMS Russian Post / Russian Post, but we can send you orders with other postal services (FedEx, DHL, Pony Express, etc.).


We will send you a track number.


We are ready for any cooperation with you when sending the suit and during the delivery process.


Delivery time and delivery cost are calculated individually on the official website of the carrier.


Be prepared to get your order.


We pack our fursuit very carefully.



You can use the costume as you want: to perform in it, to dance, to ride from a snow slide, however, the studios are not responsible for the use of the costume.


Any actions that entail a breakdown of the suit are entirely your responsibility!



Repairing a costume is discussed individually. If the breakdown is minor, it is free.


All postage in case of repair is paid by the buyer / customer.