How to wear

Remember to wear the Fursuit very carefully. When donning, do not stretch the fur, body, be careful. Better to spend more time on donning than on fixing.


Before putting on, check all electronics for proper operation.


Wearing a suit is best in this sequence:


  1. The body with the tail.

  2. Feetpaws.

  3. The head.

  4. Handpaws.


Remember to wear a suit as carefully as possible.


Wear body carefully. Do not forget to put on the tail and put it in a special hole for the tail, if it is not sewn into the body. Fasten the zipper carefully, removing fibers from the zipper path so that they do not get stuck. If your body means foam tabs inside, then first put them on yourself or in the body - as stated in the instructions, this is individual for each type of digitigrade suit, then, DO NOT STRESS TOO STRONG, put on a fursuit. Do not forget to fasten all fasteners. Comb your body with a comb.


Wear slippers carefully. Make sure your foot is in the slipper. Fasten all fasteners, if any. Carefully put on under the body. If you walk outside, wear special slippers. Comb the paws.


The head must be put on carefully, you can slightly pull the jaw down if you feel uncomfortable. Fasten fastenings tightly, put on elastic bands, only then, if necessary, zip up the zipper (if it is on the back of the head).


Then put on gloves. Done!


Once again, we note that the Fursuit is completely handmade. On how you put on a fursuit, the appearance when wearing is directly dependent. Be extremely careful with the suit.




  • Wear costumes with dirty hands;
  • Stretch fur, fabric when donning;
  • Quickly, without removing hairs, fasten zippers;
  • Put on fursuit, not making sure that all the electronics are working properly.