Please prepare a concept for your character: gather as much information as possible about it. We accept artwork of any level as a concept, but it would be better to have a full reference, where the character will be depicted from three different sides (front, back and side)


If you don't have a clear reference or you have just started to think your character up, you can contact us . Our artists are ready to help you develop your character.

Important information

Before making an order, please read about our Styles of work, Terms of service and Prices. Mutual understanding guarantees 70% of successful work.

Contact us

Now that you are sure you want to order a suit, contact us any way you like! You will receive a reply in 1-3 days.^^

We create every type of character without exception. We don't have clear rules about concepts: your character can look the way you want (it can be either a regular white character or a rainbow colored character), so you don't need to worry that we will deny your order.

Preparations and measurements

After your order has been accepted and the prepayment has been made, we will ask you to take measurements (tutorial here) or a Duct Tape Dummy.

Unfortunately, we don't always have enough space to store each customer's DTD, so if there is a shortage of space, we will warn you about this and indicate the approximate time when we will need it. Please sign the DTD with your nickname before sending it.

If you have any questions about making DTDs, ask us! ^^

The costume is ready for shipping

When the costume is ready, we will ask you to pay the full price in case you have any arrears. Remember that we only ship costumes after the full payment has been made. All postages are paid directly by the customer.

You have your costume!

You can finally use your costume ^ _ ^ 

Before using it, please read our useful recommendations and tutorials.