Create your own fursuit head

I work in the following styles: cartoon/toony and semi-realism.

Your choice matters!

You can choose to manufacture on a ready-made serial basis or order a simulation from scrath. The base is made of plastic, epoxy or foam rubber to choose from. Dimensions and fixtures are calculated individually.

Choose accessories

Such as eyes, nose and tongue.

The standard means that you don't need to pay extra for the accessories!

Semi-realistic style mask standard

  • Plastic tongue
  • Glass eyes
  • Plastic nose
  • Jaw on plastic or metal hinges

Cartoon (toony style) mask standard

  • Fabric/fleece tongue
  • Plastic follow me eyes
  • Fabric/fleece nose
  • Jaw on plastic or metal hinges (foam bases are made only with static jaws!)

Important note for the choice of material!

If you need a huge cute toony, we strongly recommend ordering a foam rubber head. Don't forget that you will feel boiling hot in any fursuit.