Duct Tape Dummy


DTD or Duct Tape Dummy is a scotch template of your body. In many cases, we will need your DTD to adjust sizes and create detailed patterns, especially if your suit includes foam body pads. The DTD is a must when ordering a tight fursuit body.


What will you need for DTD?


  1. Construction overalls or something to replace it. Usually sold in hardware stores. It looks like a jumpsuit made of thin, white translucent fabric.
  2. Scotch tape. Better choose reinforced one.
  3. Scissors so that the DTD can be easily removed after wrapping the person with duct tape.
  4. Black alcohol marker for markings.


Also you will need an assistant.


Step 1


Put on the jumpsuit. First, tape the knees, shoulders, hips and waist. This will secure the construction overalls in place. Make sure that the tape does not sag!



Step 2


Carefully wrap the person in the tape completely, starting from the ankles and gradually going up. The tape must hide 100% of the body. Also the tape must be overlapping. It means that you must wrap a new layer on top of the previous one, going higher each time.



Step 3


When you have completely covered yourself with tape, make sure that the tape does not sag, that it covers the whole body, that there are no highlights or holes between the layers of tape.



Step 4


Be sure to sign the front side and the back side with marker. It will be perfect if you also draw the cut line, the waist line and the shoulders.



Step 5


Carefully cut the DTD along the cut line. Do it with scissors, not with a clerical knife. If you did everything correctly, it will be easy to remove the DTD.

Step 6


DTD is ready! Carefully pack it and send it to us ^0^

Also, in addition to DTD, we may require your measurements. You can read about measurements here .